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Name:Captain Steve Rogers
Birthdate:Jul 4
Location:Brooklyn, New York, United States of America
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers’s life has been anything but a cakewalk. His father died when he was a baby during World War I in a mustard gas attack, leaving him and his mother nearly destitute. To make ends meet, his mother worked in a tuberculosis ward but eventually succumbed to the illness when he was young.

Growing up, he was sickly and frail to the point where he caught just about every childhood illness possible. As he grew into a man, Steve’s frail health should have been a hindrance but he refused to let it drag him down. He grew up to have a fierce temperament and a never back down attitude that often landed him in trouble. When World War Two broke out, Steve immediately tried to sign up for the army so that he might go overseas and protect his country but he was rejected multiple times out of hand because of his underdeveloped body.

The night before his best friend Bucky Barnes was slated to ship out; he went on a double date with Bucky to the Stark Expo. Steve tried once more to enlist in the hopes that the busy crowd would mean a chance to join up. Once there, he caught the eye of Dr. Abraham Erskine who was impressed with how many times Steve tried to enlist. He was the first one to see something more inside Steve Rogers and he helped sponsor him into SSR Project Rebirth: the Allies so called ‘super soldier’ program.

Unfortunately for Steve, shortly after he was exposed to the Super Soldier serum and Vita Rays, a HYDRA agent murdered Dr. Erskine and stole the last sample of the serum. Steve gave chase and caught the agent but not before the serum was destroyed and the HYDRA agent committed suicide immediately after. At a loss with what to do with one super soldier, Steve was shuffled off to the USO where he became “Captain America”, a cultural icon and the poster boy for the war effort. He entertained civilians and helped boost the sale of war bonds as he starred in a variety of movies surrounding his character of Captain America.

Eventually, Steve’s dream of going to the front was fulfilled but not in any way he’d pictured it. At a USO show where he attempted to entertain the troops, the soldiers were unimpressed with Captain America and drove him from the stage. It was only after that Steve realized the battered troop were what remained of the 107th, Bucky’s unit. When his attempts to locate his friend failed, Steve went AWOL in search of the remnants of the 107th which he found in a HYDRA base in the mountains. Captain America helped free the captive Allied soldiers and managed to find Bucky in an isolation ward but before they could escape, they were confronted by the Red Skull.

When he and the rest of the 107th made it back to the forward base, instead of being tossed in the stockade, Colonel Philips seemed to realize the potential of Captain America and tasked him with wiping HYDRA off the map. He put together a team from the survivors of the 107th and they became the Howling Commandos, an elite group of fighters known for their unconventional methods and efficiency. One by one, they attacked the various HYDRA bases and took them out until finally, they received Intel that Zola was going to be on a train cutting through the Alps. It turned out to be a trap however but instead of killing Captain America as they hoped, they killed Bucky when he was thrown out of the train and fell to his supposed death below in a ravine right before Steve's eyes.

This nearly crushed Captain America but they did manage to capture Zola who provided them with intel about where the final HYDRA fortress was located and also with Schmidt's endgame. The Red Skull intended to bomb America and every major target with bombs held in the belly of his super fortress the Valkyrie. Steve boarded the plane with the help of Agent Carter and Colonel Phillips and even managed to finally work up the nerve to kiss Peggy once before he leaped onto the Valkyrie. During his final showdown with the Red Skull, Schmidt accidentally immolated himself with the tesseract. Steve stayed with the plane to make sure it didn't reach its target of New York and while on the radio with Peggy, he informed he that he was going to put it into the water where it would cause the least amount of harm. After a final heartbreaking conversation with his girl, Steve forced the Valkyrie into the icy waters of the Arctic ocean.

He did not die however and instead slipped into an artificial form of cryostasis as the waters of the Arctic ocean rapidly froze his body. Eventually, Steve was marked as KIA and it would be another seventy years before his frozen body was discovered in the Arctic Circle and America regained Captain America. After being revived, Steve thinking it was just another Nazi trick, escaped S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters and raced out into a greatly changed New York. That was when they told him more than seventy years had passed since he'd been out in the world.

ooc: This is an RP account for pretendy fun times. Both mun and muse are well over the age of 21. Mun is not affiliated with Marvel or Chris Evans in anyway. Also, please note: Steve is MCU verse but the player reads the comics and will be mixing in a lot of comic stuff. He is also set during the Avengers but the player did not want to put any overt spoilers for those who have not seen the movie yet.

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